Handmade papier-mâché masks

Traditional Venetian masks decorated by hand with fine fabrics

Unique in the world

The mask is an expression of self and anonymity at the same time.

It is the precious accessory through which to enhance one’s personality, or to transform oneself into completely different appearances.

Indispensable in the baggage of the actor’s stage clothes, the mask is the completion that makes each costume unique and distinguishable because it characterizes the character.

It can also suffice on its own, worn with a simple black domino, to create a seductive disguise for the Carnival parade and maybe get lost among the thousands of other mysterious figures that populate Piazza San Marco!

Who I am

I take care of my shop in the heart of Venice, where every item for sale is the result of my handmade work. The masks are entirely made of traditional papier-mâché and decorated with precious patchwork of fabrics and trimmings, often embellished with original Murano glass and crystals.

My masks

I pay attention to every detail concerning the production, personally choosing the materials for the decoration and dedicating to each mask all the inspiration necessary to always create a unique and unrepeatable piece. In fact, it is very important to me that every customer can be sure that his mask is different from any other in the world.


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My work is inspired by the Venetian tradition and the typical specialties of local art, such as papier-mâché, fabrics, lace and glass.

Rugadoro is tradition and personal inspiration.

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Where I am

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