Venetian Lion with King’s Crown


The Lion is one of my most loved creations!

It is an original piece that I make on order and which requires several working days to be completed. As you can see from the pictures, no lion is identical to the other, since all the details are carefully handmade. This guarantees each of my dear customers a unique and unrepeatable piece!

The strong reference to the proud Venetian tradition transpires from the rich golden shades, the precious Murano glass details and a decorative style inspired by the historical iconography of the Serenissima Republic.


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The Lion is the most important secular symbol of Venetian Serenissima Republic. I thought of this mask, letting myself be inspired by the precious golden shades, which evoke the sumptuous pride typical of Venetian iconography.

It is an original piece that I make on order.

The decoration is finely made with a very thin patchwork on the mane, in order to obtain an almost pictorial effect. To complete everything, the precious fabrics, the golden lace, the trimmings and an intricate inlay of leather with original Murano glass on the crown.

Unique and representative piece of Venetian culture!


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